Proximity Events let's you use your phone's sensors to trigger automated actions in the background.

Use your phone as an invisible button to automate your life...

  • Display an alert when you arrive at a pre-determined location

  • Track the times you enter and leave work

  • Call a web API when you enter a room to automate online tasks

  • Share your location and contextual data to a custom web application without needing to build a mobile app

  • Save your location events to database and export them

Triggers fire when your proximity to a location changes


Enter or Exit events for a pre-determined geographic location
Enter or Exit events for a micro-location identified by an iBeacon
Location Visits
Enter or Exit events for extended visits to all locations
Location Changes
Location Update events when your location changes

Actions can be configured to streamline and automate your life


Use notifications to test the application or to remind you when you enter or exit a location
Save all your proximity events to a database and export them for offline analysis
Automate tasks online using a webhook to interact with web-based APIs
We are working on additional actions for a future release. Let us know what you want to see.

Battery Life

This application needs location services, wifi, and bluetooth to be turned on to be most effective. Battery impact is dependent on the number and type of triggers and actions configured, but it leverages advanced iOS services that minimize the impact to battery life.


Proximity Events is compatible with multiple 3rd party iBeacon devices. We have pre-configured the application to pair with beacons from Estimote, Radius Networks, and other leading vendors or you can configure a custom UUID for other devices


You are in control your location data and we don't have access to it. Location data is stored securely on the phone and it only leaves the device when you explicitly export the data or configure an action like a webhook to send the data to a web server of your choice.



Track and Automate the Proximity Events relevant to you

  • View a timeline of your event history

  • Export your location data for off-line analysis

  • Automate connected things to simplify your life

  • We can't wait to hear how you use it